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A road trip is always a fun experience. With the right people, it can turn into a memorable vacation. Or if you’re visiting a new town and want to drive around, self-drive rental cars are the best option. 

Self-driving rental cars are also better than public transport as you don’t need to rely on anyone to get to places. Madras Travels and Tours offers car rentals in Chennai to help you vacation the way you want! 

Take a look at why you should opt for a self-drive rental car over hiring a taxi! 

  1. Flexibility to explore 
  2. Total Privacy 
  3. Cost-effective
  4. Hygienic 
  5. Safe 
  6. No predefined hours of service 
  7. No refusal of booking 
  8. No surge charges 


  • Flexibility to explore

Unlike a taxi service, you don’t need to plan your stops or ask the driver to stop whenever you want. With a self-drive rental car, you can choose when and where to take breaks and change your plans at any point during your drive. 

You can take any route you want and explore a new city to its fullest without worrying about anything. You can even stop at scenic spots to click pictures too!


  • Total Privacy 

When you hire a cab to take you around, the driver may engage in small talk, which can be bothersome if you want to enjoy the drive with music or chat with your trip mates. 

However, when you hire a self-drive rental car, you can play music as loud as you want, eat and chat as much as you want!


  • Cost-Effective 

If you’re on a budgeted trip, self-drive rental cars are your best friend. All you need to do is pay to book the car of your choice, and voila, you’re done! 

You only need to take care of the rental and don’t have to pay a driver for their services. If you’re taking the car for a few days or weeks, all you need to do is fill up the tank as and when you need. 

Madras Travels offers self-drive rental car at cost-effective prices, so you can spend the rest of your budget on experiencing new places! 


  • Hygienic 

This is a concern for most people, especially after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. With self-drive rental cars, you can rest assured knowing that your rental is sanitised and that you don’t need to worry about being in an enclosed space with other people. 


  • Safety

Another concern you may have is trusting your driver as they take you around an unknown city. With self-drive rental cars, you don’t need to worry about your driver falling asleep during long drives or breaking traffic rules. 

Madras Travels offers luxury car rentals in Chennai. We ensure our fleet of rentals is thoroughly sanitised, serviced and in good working order before delivery. 


  • No predefined hours of service 

With a taxi, you must wait for the driver to arrive before you head out. However, with the self-drive rental car, you can travel around town at any point without waiting for a driver. You can roam freely at any point in time! 


  • No refusal of booking 

With cabs, there is always the fear of your booking not getting accepted. This can be scary if you’re walking around at night with no way back to your accommodation. However, with self-drive rental cars, you don’t have to worry about travelling, no matter the time.


  • No surge hours 

Cabs tend to charge extra during peak hours and late at night, which can put you in a sticky situation, especially if you’re on a budgeted trip. 

When you hire a self-drive rental car, all you need to do is pay for the time you use the rental and fill it up with gas as and when you need it without having to pay surge charges during peak hours! 

Madras Travels has a fleet of car rental options along with luxury and wedding car rentals in Chennai. We ensure all the safety and hygiene measures before we deliver the vehicle to you. Get in touch with us today to book your rental car at affordable rates!

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